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john deere 4024t injector removal

Looking for expert advise. We have John Deere based generator. After few weeks of use it died and wont start. Local mechanic couldnt get it going so we called John Deere guru, who did manage to get it going by manually flipping some start relay but now says that first guy didnt put injectors in right order resulting in rough operation.

This is the first time I hear that you need to match injectors with cylinders. Is there such a thing and whats the way to get it back in order? Back to top. If nozzles were pulled out and put back a good chance they went into different cylinders need to be re adjusted. What engine is in a ?? The engine is marked TF So there is no link between cylinder and injector, right? How hard is to re adjust those? I'm still not sure what engine you have, I've never heard of aI want to think It's along the line of abut not sure, if it is there is no match-up needed with the injectors.

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john deere 4024t injector removal

What's New? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Today Sucked Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Location Texas Posts 2, Today Sucked Well, today sucked. After having a brand new John Deere T engine go bad on us at work we called the local John Deere service company. They worked on it for 4 days and could not get it straightend out.

Yesterday we pulled the engine and replaced it. That engine also smoked like a freight train as soon as it hit operating temperature. John Deere sent a factory tech down from Chicago to work with the two local service guys today. To their credit all three of them plus two of the sales reps from the company that we buy the engines from showed up at am sharp this morning.

They worked on the engine replacing shims under the injection pumps and finished about this morning. We fired the engine off and it ran great so we shut it down while everyone gathered their tools. After the two local techs left our assembly line forman fired the engine up again.

I was talking to my sales rep about 75 yards away and knew from the sound that something was wrong. Sure enough we see great billowing clouds of white smoke rising from the assembly line.

I mean it looks like there is a major fire inside our building!!! The John Deere tech calls the two local service guys back in and they work on it for another hour. After consulting the factory they decide there is nothing that can be done for this engine and that we would need to replace itClick to Post a New Message!

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Post: The old injector is proving impossible to pull out. I have tried threading a 6in bolt into the top of the injector and using it as a sort of slide hammer with a 5 lb weight. Still no luck. I am getting very frustrated.

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I would appreciate any and all suggestions. Also, I am not worried about saving the old injector - just need to get it out. Hard to Remove Injector I wish I had a magic answer for youbut I have had to resort to removing the cylinder head and driving it out with a big drift and hammer.

This ruins the injector and the pre-combustion chamber cups in the process. The slide hammer idea works sometimes, but you are going to need longer than a six inch stroke. I use a OTC silver slapper slide hammer with a custom fabricated adapter to screw into the injector. This gives you a sixteen inch stroke with a five pound hammer weight. Soak it thoroughly with penetrating oil a couple of days ahead. If the engine is still runnable, You might run it and warm things up first to try and expand the cylinder head a little.

I would not suggest using a torch to heat it for fear of warping the head. Good Luck! Hard to Remove Injector I too am experiencing difficulty in removing the injectors on my The machine shop just notified me that they were unable to remove them. I hate to buy another head knowing someone will eventually rebuild this one. Are there any remanufactured ones available and where.

I'm new to John Deere tractors.Maintenance, repair, or replacement of the emission control devices and systems on this engine, which are being done at the customers expense, may be performed by any nonroad engine repair establishment or individual. Warranty repairs must be performed by an authorized John Deere dealer.

Engine exhaust fumes can cause sickness or death:. Use oil viscosity based on the expected air temperature range during the period between oil changes. The following John Deere oils are also recommended, based on their specified temperature range:. Other oils may be used if above John Deere oils are not available, provided they meet one of the following specifications:. Engine must NOT be running. Check engine oil when it is cold. NOTE: Check utility vehicle engine oil level before each use.

If oil level is low, add oil to bring oil level no higher than the top of crosshatch on dipstick. Remove cap in engine valve cover to add oil. See Engine Oil in this section for correct application. If oil level is above crosshatch area, drain to proper level.

John Deere 4024 and 5030 specifications and manuals

Determine cause of this condition and correct. NOTE: Severe or unusual conditions may require a more frequent service interval, as often as 25 hours. Change engine oil and filter after first 20 hours of break-in operation. Thereafter, change engine oil and filter every hours.

Clean oil filter base with a clean, dry rag. Apply a film of clean engine oil on gasket of new filter. Install filter. Turn filter clockwise until gasket makes contact with mounting surface.Forum Rules.

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Sign Up. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of The engine is on a fixed speed generator. The engine oil cooler has been checked, the engine has never overheated so i dont think thet the head gasket is any problem. The engine has a gear case cover that houses the oil pump and pressure discharge valve.

The cover has no gasket and uses only a silicone gasket maker type seal. I can see there is point where the oil crosses between the discharge valve and the water pump housing area. I would like to know if anyone else has this problem, as I also have a t engine on another genset that has the same problem.

Do I use the silicone gasket maker again or make a gasket the old fashion way? Thanks for your help. Reply With Quote.

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Re: Oil contaminated coolant How about both - an "old fashioned" gasket gooped with the silicone stuff? Re: Oil contaminated coolant Yes that is my thinking. What I dont know is if the added distance will affect the engine governor and pump rack that is also housed on the front cover.

I havent seen cross contamination but I guess its possible. Good luck. Re: Oil contaminated coolant Thanks for the advice: So far I have three engines of this family with the same problem on the same brand of generators.

You are right on the money on the oil pick up for the oil pump. I did remove the oil pan. Re: Oil contaminated coolant Earlier this month, our genset with a deere TF engine died with "chocolate milk shake" in the radiator. This is the result of oil and coolant mixing.

The problem was diagnosed to be a bad oil cooler. This unit had only hours on it! They replaced the original aluminum cooler with a new stainless steel one or so I was told. However, because the engine was 2. So we ended up paying lots of money to get the engine operational again. So yes, other people have had similar problems especially me. Re: Oil contaminated coolant I second the oil cooler problem. You say it was checked, but it can be difficult to make it leak in a test.

Hard to dulicate pressures, and temperatures that occur while running. And there have been issues with the original aluminum coolers. Bruce, I would be putting a call into deere to complain. Low hours and a known issue with cooler should translate into some kind of help on your failure. Re: Oil contaminated coolant I have 2 gen sets with the NOTE: Check slow or high idle speeds when engine has reached normal operating temperature.

Start engine and move injection pump lever to slow idle position against slow idle screw D. Using a tachometer or readout on cab corner post, record engine speed. Slow idle speed should be within specifications.

Tighten lock nut. Move injection pump throttle lever clockwise off adjusting screw and then back. Verify that pump throttle lever slow idle screw D is against its stop when the engine is set to slow idle speed. If not, adjust control rod clevis B for slight overtravel of spring-loaded throttle lever when it is against its slow idle screw D stop.

john deere 4024t injector removal

If high idle is not within specification, have an authorized diesel repair station, John Deere servicing dealer, or John Deere engine distributor adjust as necessary. Start engine and move injection pump lever to high idle position against high idle screw C.

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High idle speed should be within specifications. Verify that pump throttle lever high idle screw C is against its stop when the engine is set to high idle speed. If not, adjust control rod clevis B for slight overtravel of spring-loaded throttle lever when it is against its high idle screw C stop.

Checking and Adjusting Slow Idle Speed 1. Turn off engine and remove key. Remove pin A. Disconnect control rod from injection pump. Specification Slow Idle -Speed. Specification High Idle -Speed.Reconditioned Failed parts replaced with new parts, inspected, and may be tested. Rebuilt Failed parts replaced with new or used parts. Fix only what's broken. Stay cool and comfortable with air-conditioning compressors made for the extreme conditions of off-road applications.

Download the Engine Configuration Chart. We test our remanufactured hydraulic components on computer-controlled test benches at full flow and full pressure to simulate actual operating conditions.

Then we complete a hydro test against external leaks. Available components include:. This convenient service offers a true John Deere solution for the OEM repair of some of your most important electronic components. John Deere Reman will repair or replace unit during the applicable warranty period but is not responsible for any labor costs associated with the removal and installation of components. Skip to main content. Electronic Solutions.

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