How To Build the MG42 / M53 / MG3 From a Parts Kit in Semi-Auto

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mg42 top cover

AK47 Milled Specific.This written guide will act as a companion to my build video documentation. I will go into much more detail in this article on how I accomplished this build and the specific challenges I faced. In this tutorial, you all will learn how to build a semi-automatic version of the MG42 and the differences and details of the different variants.

I want to show the most simplistic way of completing this build without the use of specialized tools or jigs. The main tools needed for this build is a gas MIG welder, angle grinder, dremel, and of course a set of basic tools such as hammers, punches, vises etc.

I should note here that I will not be installing new rails. I will use the original cut rails that are riveted in the kit without removing them.

I do not see a reason to remove them in a semi automatic build, and honestly, new rails are a pain in the ass to install and it is much easier to do this build welding the receiver up with the originals in place.

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They all use the same open bolt, recoil-operated, roller-locked design. When a round is fired, the recoil moves the barrel backwards, forcing the bolt to hit a cam that pushes the rollers in.

The bolt then fully recoils back into the receiver and the barrel is pushed forward by a recuperator back into its original position.

The Soviets also captured and gave Yugoslavia the original machinery used to make the MG42, so most of the parts and features are indistinguishable between the two.

Anti-aircraft sight attached to the anti-aircraft mounting bracket. The most visible change on the M53 is the removal of the anti-aircraft front mounting bracket. The M53 shroud has the recess stamped into the shroud for the bracket but they never manufactured the bracket for use on the production models.

Zastava also slightly redesigned the grips, using a different type of plastic that was readily available to them, and the grip panels do not interchange as the mounting holes are in a different location.

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The M53 also has a heavier bolt and spring to slow down the rate of fire. The M53 also uses a rivet instead of a screw to hold the barrel latch in place. It is hard to tell the difference be tween the M53 and MG42 unless you look really close at markings and whether or not the AA bracket is in place. RTG does make reproductions of the anti-aircraft mounting bracket for those that want to make an MG42 clone out of the M53, and if you wanted to be autistically correct you would also have to source some waffen marked parts like the top-cover, which can be expensive.

The MG3, on the other hand, is much more visibly different than the mg42 in looks. In order to meet standardization requirements, they began seeking a new design to utilize the standardized 7. Ironically enough, the Germans did not even have the original MG42 design documents and blueprints, as they had all been captured by the Soviets. This twist of fate forced Rheinmetall to reverse engineer their own surplus MG42s in order to re-engineer a new machine gun for use in the Bundeswehr.

Rheinmetall began development of the MG1 as the replacement, which featured a new top cover, feed tray, and barrel to accommodate for the new caliber. It proved to be more economical to re-purpose old MG42 rifles, and just re-chamber them in 7. Bythese re-purposed rifles were designated as the MG2, and byRheinmetall began new production of the 7. The MG3 continues to be produced today and remains the primary issue machine gun of the Bundeswehr, as well as the primary issue machine gun of many other NATO countries.

MG3 in use during a training exercise by an Estonian military member.German MG42 machinegun safety strain bolt. German MG42 machinegun rubber muzzle cover.

MG42/MG1/MG3/M53 Complete Top Cover Assembly

German MG42 machinegun firing pin holder. German MG42 machinegun front sight click stop piece. German MG42 machinegun connector lever. German MG42 machinegun ejector. German MG42 machinegun cocking handle catch.

mg42 top cover

German MG42 machinegun firing pin. German MG42 machinegun front sight. German MG42 machinegun bolt catch. German MG42 machine gun buffer spring. German MG42 machinegun transport lever complete. German MG42 machine gun belt feed assembly. German MG42 machinegun rail left hand side. German MG42 machinegun slide rail right hand side. New condition.

Green colored, no belt. Used condition. Perfect for building MG42 receivers. This tool kit was used by the German army. When a MG42 receiver was damaged, or thought to be out of spec, these tools were used to find the problem, align and straighten out the receiver. This was a very important tool kit for German armories.

Only a few available. Each tool kit weighs close to 70 pounds and comes as pictured, used but in perfect working order. If you look at the picture on the left. You see the two tall tubular shaped items on each side of the tool kit. The one on the left has guides that lock into MG42 receiver rails. Once attached the MG42 receiver turns easily on ball bearings. The telescoping tool on the right extends to the top of the MG receiver.Brand: Rheinmetall.

Save and choose another. Add to Wishlist. Previous Item Next Item. Product Details. MG3 top cover complete. German Rheinmetall production made for the German army. This is the latest, most reliable, strongest and most user friendly top cover for the MG series of weapons.

Conditions range from very-good to excellent. Might have light surface corrosion from storage but nothing that won't clean up with a little TLC. Most are in primo condition! There are two options of MG3 top cover available or more specifically two options of feed pawl : Standard production works with standard German DM-1 style belts.

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We believe we offer the best combination of value and quality found anywhere in the firearms community. Contact Us Sheridan, WY Post by bmwr12 ยป Mon Aug 04, am. Post by Folke ยป Mon Aug 04, am.

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Post by fritsch ยป Mon Aug 11, am. Privacy Terms. Search Advanced search. Quick links. Top cover opening after firing on M53 Anything MG42 related. Post Reply. Contact bmwr The gun works great except for when I switched the top covers out.

The top cover is popping open when firing blanks. I have not fired live ammo with the WW2 top cover. Any ideas? M53 top covers vary in length compared to German ones. Sometimes you can't even get a swapped out top cover on. They are NOT truly interchangeable because of wild tolerances. If you get one that fits, you're lucky. If the cover is a bit short, perhaps your latch is not engaging and grabbing enough meat on the receiver. Take a closer look.

I'll bet it's not grabbing enough meat on the receiver. Does it click down really easy?It is in good shape with no damage to note โ€” no deep cuts, gouges, rust, or deformations.

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mg42 top cover

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